• Fruit Cocktail

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    I’m grateful I got too and through work today.

    After last night, which involved ghost smells in my nose, a fever, aching long muscles and a dream about ID numbers that repeated over and over, when I awoke this morning and the fever was gone, my mouth tasted like bile and I didn’t want to get up. But the work must go on.

    So I skipped food all day until this evening, and was kind of prickly at work and not the best buddy there until the work got done, and I was kind of loopy when I left, so I was glad to come home.

    I made one stop, though, on the way home.

    For some reason I was craving fruit cocktail, and there is an Albertson’s by the house, so I stopped and got some Sprite and some cheap crackers and a can of soup and two cans of fruit cocktail.

    When I got home, I put the Sprites and the fruit cocktail in the fridge and turned on the Cubs game. When it was clear the Cubs were going to lose again, it was time to break out that chilled can of fruit cocktail.

    And it did hit the spot.

    Mmm. Fruit cocktail. Which I have never craved at any other time in my life.

    Fruit cocktail.

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