• The Sanctuary At Sunset

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    Santuario de Chimayo At Sunset (Artified)

    Santuario de Chimayo At Sunset

    Last weekend, my parents and I took a wonderful morning ride that rolled over into a full day trip, bringing us from Albuquerque to Jemez Pueblo, and then from there on up to Soda Dam, and then a drive through and stop at various points in and around the Valles Caldera National Park. Hungry after, as the afternoon was winding down, we went for dinner at Rancho de Chimayo, and then, due to my folks’ kindness, made a last long stop at Santuario de Chimayo, the National Historic Landmark and pilgrimage site, so I could take some photos of it.

    When we arrived at the church, the sun was entering the golden hour in a big way, and the church grounds were absolutely empty. Those conditions made taking photos of the site a truly enchanting experience.


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    1. April 22, 2018 at 5:15 pm

      First of all… Soda Dam!! I haven’t thought about Soda Dam in years!!
      I think I ate some of the hottest green chile of my life one year at Rancho de Chimayo.
      And, those golden hour photos… ah.

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