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    The Five Stages of Grace

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    Appreciative of systemists like James Fowler, I offer here an artificial framework for thinking about grace. Recognizing that God and His workings are mysterious, this post in no way suggests that I have “figured out” how God sprinkles His grace into the events of human lives. When He does, though, this article suggests how...

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    diary of a beggar

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    once, when he was critically young, he saw something so stunningly sordid that it burned its way into his heart and killed a part of it, and of the rest of it that fought to beat and to bleed, within that it laid its eggs so that they would hatch and it could burrow...

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    When You Have To Change

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    At one time a few years back, my mom liked to share the sweet little story she had of one day talking on the phone to my sister’s son when he was young. She was asking him some questions about his life, and after answering a few, I guess he lost interest in the...

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