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    Ramblings | September 25, 2013

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      “The simplest formular for a fulfilled life is; God+Wisdom+Industry! God is the source of your destiny and purpose; Wisdom is the potential he gives to you to make right choices; Your industry reveals your responsibility to release whatever the God of your purpose introduced you to by your divine thoughts and imaginations!” ―...

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    Alberto and Albuquerque

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    Alberto is an older Hispanic gentleman I met a few months ago at our church. Gray-haired and slightly stooped, Alberto switches from large-rimmed reading glasses to giant-framed blackout sunglasses, depending on where he is in the sun or in the building. He is clearly not wealthy, but when he talks, you can hear he...

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    Right Things

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    After dinner tonight, I stood out in the lot in front of the restaurant, between our cars, with my dad while my mom visited with some church friends inside. The sun was dropping and a slight chill was in the breezy air, and we just talked a little about the day, and in a...

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    Ramblings | September 10, 2013

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    It’s 9:35 PM, and I just might make it to be before 10 tonight. That would be appreciated because my body wants the rest. And my mind. I stayed at work until about 8 tonight working on updating an application that doesn’t want to let go of me. It was developed by someone else,...

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    SOTD: “This I Promise You” by N Sync

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    I’ve been listening to this on repeat for the last three or four days, if not watching the video. Why? I don’t know. Yeah- I know, it’s old. I know. Everyone had their day loving it. Yeah- it was a big hit. It’s typical super pop fare. Still, I love it. I totally dug...

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