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    The Rubb Of It

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    When he lumbered into the empty clinic, he was an anxious middle-aged man with his brown hair slathered back and stuck to his head, dressed in slacks and olive- and wine-striped polo. He was average in height but stocky, and he carried a young bull terrier that lay limp in his arms. “I don’t...

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    “Silence”: Review and Reflections

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    In a weekend of prolonged inner shadow, I sat down last night and finally opted to watch the Netflix movie I had had sitting around in the house since December 11, 2017: Silence. Sometimes I do that, for cloudy reasons- get a movie, and let it sit for months. In this case, I let...

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    Arizona Tour – Spring 2018

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    I was fortunate enough to have some time off available to burn at work, and an offering of generosity to nudge me to get me on the road the first weekend of March. About two weeks ago, a work colleague I talk regularly with about all kinds of sports let me know she and...

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