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    A Personal Interview with Myself

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    Tonight, caught once again without a clear focus for writing, I thought it was a good time to try and get to know the guy behind the guy asking the questions- who happens to also be the guy getting questioned. Sometimes when the words won’t come, you have to take drastic measures. Let’s get...

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    The Marx Effect

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    It all started tonight because I came home after dinner with my parents and I flipped on the TV for a moment’s distraction, and there on the screen was a young John Travolta fighting to make it on Broadway in the 1983 Stallone dancing vehicle, “Staying Alive”. When I was a kid and that...

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    Scribbling: An AAF Project

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    Home Page: American Air Museum in Britian

    A couple of nights ago, I started a random story which, from the outset, had no background behind it. I had an American airman standing on an airfield somewhere in England at twilight in 1944, shivering in the cold air, surveying the runway, thinking about home. In a short time, as that idea surfaced,...

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    Day Trip: Bisti Badlands

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    After going to Moab early this summer to visit Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, I told myself I needed to go see some of the other amazing Southwest sites I’d long heard about but put off visiting. As the summer rolled on, a cheery weekend day in August gave me enough incentive to day...

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