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    Altocumulus clouds checkered the sky late this morning.

    Altocumulus clouds checkered the sky late this morning.

    Enjoyed spending the morning at my folks. My mom made a wonderful eggs and hash browns and sausage and gravy casserole accompanied by pumpkin frosting topped rolls. After that, dad and I put lights up around the house and on the main tree and its sidekick, the bush. After we were done, I came home and visited two of my neighbors and gave them some green chile. I ate leftover Thanksgiving food for dinner tonight- a second Thanksgiving dinner of sorts- and took a nap and then rallied to watch the Wisconsin-Ohio State Big 10 Championship game. Wisconsin was higher-ranked and undefeated, and fell short to another of Urban Meyer’s get-er-done squads in the end.

    My right jaw still hurts, and with that, a dull pain up the side of my head and at the back of it, when I chew warm food on that side. Go figure. It’s been nearly two weeks since I had two fillings put on a right back molar, and my head still smarts. I don’t know.

    I am always grateful for time with my folks. It is always clear that they love me and they appreciate me around, when sometimes, in my own mind, I am a lackey and just shut down at their place a lot.

    I still watch too much. Too much passive living in my life. We die. One day I will be dead. I know I want and need to do, create, and accomplish more, but I give in so easily to immobility. To shutting down and just taking what is thrown at me in life, instead of chasing much. I imagine my struggles with energy and mood have some chemical basis, but I am too lazy to find out.

    But I ought to.

    I am happy to go to bed by 10:30-ish tonight.

    The holly tree in my folk's front yard.  Picture Credit: Pa.

    The holly tree in my folk’s front yard. Picture Credit: Pa.

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