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    It was a homebody Sunday today, punctuated by cleaning up, a chile roast, and game night this evening.


    The chile roast was probably the biggest event of the day because I did it in the house mid-afternoon, set off my smoke alarms, and then realized after roasting the chiles that I did not have either food preparation gloves or snack-size zip-lock bags to put the chopped chiles in. That was smart.

    I went in the back to fire up the grill this afternoon, and when I opened the valve on the tank, there was the strong scent of the propane additive that was letting me know the gas was not quite making it to the burners. I thought it best to not use the gas grill then, but I did have a gas range in the kitchen, so I thought for a few, and then decided to give it a go in the house, using the grill’s grills on the burners on the stove.


    I did run over to the nearby Smith’s to get those two necessities, leaving my house essentially open (windows, back door) to air it out and get the roasted chile smell blown out before the game guys came over.


    I fairly quickly skinned the batch before game night and then chopped them up afterwards. The batch was one plastic grocery bag of chiles. I have another bag and a half to do before the fruit goes soft in the fridge.

    Champions of Midgard

    Champions of Midgard

    I was surprised but delighted that I thoroughly won tonight’s affair. My strategy was basic, and we were playing competitively. I’ll take it.

    I’d still like another day in this weekend to sleep for half of it.

    Today's yield: 5 snack bags of yum.

    Today’s yield: 5 snack bags of yum.

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