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    My highlight of the day was going to church this morning and sitting quietly alone in the 6th row of the center section, on the seat by the aisle on the right. The lights were down a bit for praise music time, and I just let my mind wander and closed my eyes and prayed and enjoyed the rhythm pounded out by the bass and the drumming. Local television weatherman Steve Stucker provided a sermon today that was well done and heartfelt and inviting and challenging. It was basically on giving your time to serve in some way in the church as a tithe. Steve is a winsome and connecting speaker, and his preparation is clearly well done, and his handling of the topic was on target.

    I was reminded that the essence of agape love is service, and that we were created to serve, and in regeneration are supposed to be reconnecting to that part of ourselves. That is a commendation from Scripture, that the Christian would be known by their love.

    I’m still no quite there yet. I go to church service and still don’t really want to talk much to people there yet.

    But at least I am there, realizing and accepting that at least I need to be there.

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    A web programmer by day, I somehow still spend a lot of time thinking about relationships, God, and the significance of grace and love in daily events. I am old school in the sense that I believe in the reality of sin, and in the need of each human heart for deliverance to the Divine. I am one of those who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that you can find most answers to life's pressing issues in Him and His Word, the Bible. I ain't perfect, and a lot of the time I ain't good, but by God's grace and kindness, I am forgiven and free.

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