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    If I had time off and the money, where would I go, someone asked me.

    Time off, and the money.

    I think about going quite a bit- mostly, I think, because I don’t. Fear has a way of needling me to stay put, to stay with the familiar, to stay where it is safe.

    And yet, once I go, I am enthralled with being somewhere new. It’s like discovering there are new and different colors in the color spectrum. The novelty found in travels amplifies wonder.

    If I had just enough money, I would buy a camper trailer- a nice, tiny, well-planned out teardrop-styled sleeper, and put it behind my resuscitated truck – engine replaced for a V6 – and I would just full-time wander from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, stopping at National Parks along the way. And Yellowstone and Glacier would be first stops. I’d spend a good spell in Utah and Arizona, and I’d spend a good clip checking out the Appalachian trail. I would travel from site to site, and stop to hike, take pictures, and in the evening, write.

    And I would be lonely as heck. Unless I changed.

    Destinations-wise, I would like to spend a week or so on Nova Scotia.

    World War II sites across Europe.

    Rolling down the West Coast of the US for two weeks.

    New Zealand.



    Cooperstown, NY.

    Camden Yards in Baltimore, Chavez Ravine in LA, and PNC Park in Pittsburgh during baseball season.

    A full week and a half to walk New York City.

    Another week and a half to wander Chicago.

    The Sea of Galilee.

    A massive tour of the famous art museums and cathedrals across Europe.

    An arctic stay under the Aurora Borealis in an igloo.

    A nice and casual road trip up and through the Rocky Mountain chain.

    A week’s stay in a cozy cabana on a secluded beach in Baja California.

    You gotta have dreams.

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