• When I Was Young

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    When I was young
    in solitary play
    in a field of marigolds
    under the heat of a
    springtime sun
    I suddenly felt her breath on my neck
    and saw the smile in her deep warm eyes
    and smelled rose in her long curls of hair
    and felt the press of her palm in my hand
    and a fire flared in my heart-
    passion’s pulse-
    pulling me to her
    wrapping me around her
    one day
    some day
    far away
    in time’s keep,
    when love would link us
    happiness to happiness
    hope to hope
    heartbeat to heartbeat.

    I saw her then,
    when I was young,
    among the marigolds
    under the sun.

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    A web programmer by day, I somehow still spend a lot of time thinking about relationships, God, and the significance of grace and love in daily events. I am old school in the sense that I believe in the reality of sin, and in the need of each human heart for deliverance to the Divine. I am one of those who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that you can find most answers to life's pressing issues in Him and His Word, the Bible. I ain't perfect, and a lot of the time I ain't good, but by God's grace and kindness, I am forgiven and free.

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