• Puerto Rico, Day 4

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    Today was Sunday, and so our team sent three parties to three different churches for services this morning. One group went to the church in the city we went to yesterday, Arecibo. Another group, which included my brother, went to a church in Ponce on the south coast. The group I was in went to the Bayamón church.

    Each group had a person who gave a message at their service, and also had several people share their testimonies about finding their lives in Christ.

    Each group reported different experiences at their churches. The church I went to was well attended- its modest auditorium was about 70% full at service time with about 100-120 people.

    Shortly after showing up, Pastor Ray pulled me aside to help move and set up tables and chairs in the fellowship hall. After finishing a bible study we walked in on at arrival, the auditorium cleared for a break, and then the service started. We sang several songs, a few announcements were given, and then our group was introduced, and two of our team members gave their testimonies. After that, Dee Rockwell gave a message on surrender. An invitation was next, prayer, and we were dismissed.

    We were then invited to join a lunch of macaroni and beef with salad in the fellowship hall. I talked with a local kid, Jean, for most of lunch. He told me about fast food and university life on PR and about his family. He was light hearted and spoke English, both of which I appreciated.

    After lunch, our group spent the afternoon in Old San Juan, the Old Town of the city which sits on its own isle north of the mainland. Featuring an old Spanish fort that overlooks a large cemetery and the sea, and a European style town center with skinny cobblestone streets, we walked along the fort walls and snapped pictures of the sea before we split up. Half of us went into the fort, and the other half found a bakery shop (including me), where we had bread pudding and coffee.

    The afternoon began overcast and the area was sparse of visitors. By the time we left near 4, the sky was sun-filled and people were in the park by the fort in throngs, many flying kites.

    After dinner at the lodge, the team headed out to a service in Caguas, which is a town that looked very much like a middle to upper class Florida. The service was in a tiny storefront church. There were only 3 or 4 attendees present besides our group, but the evening was good for hearing the testimonies of several others of our members.

    After the service, our group returned to the lodge and had a day review meeting where a lot of emotions were shared. It’s to be expected after several days of emotional and physical tiredness.

    We got to bed after 1, and Scott and I talked until 2, reviewing the day. It was a good day. 20120326-233110.jpg20120326-233202.jpg20120326-233223.jpg20120326-233234.jpg20120326-233614.jpg20120326-233421.jpg

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    1. Susie
      March 27, 2012 at 7:37 pm

      Beautiful pics of the shore. I have been reading your blog and it is such an encouragement to me. Thanks for everything you are sharing here. Say hi to Scott for me.

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