• Puerto Rico, Day 2

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    It’s been a good day. We slept really solidly last night and got up late for breakfast, which is our M.O.  After breakfast in the lodge- scrambled eggs, cream of wheat, and bagels- and a devotional, the different teams split off to their assignments. As part of the construction team, we drove to the Bayámon church to start our main project. 

    Our big task while we are here is to install ceiling panels in a fellowship hall at the church. Most of the structures we see here in the city are made of cement. This building, being no exception, has crazy acoustics because the sound bounces off of the walls really easily. The ceiling panels should cut some of the crazy sound down. 

    Once our team got to the church, the skilled guys took time to discuss how to attack the project. Once an approach was decided, some preliminary measurements were made, and then a supplies list was made. A few people headed off to Home Depot and bought tools, tracking and panels. Scott and I spent much of the day measuring and chalking the upper walls with lines for where the tracking would be installed on the walls, and chalking the ceiling with lines where anchors for wiring to support the grids would be installed. 

    At noon, Pastor Ray brought us KFC chicken, Chinese rice, corn in the cob, some fries and a pie for lunch. 

    At 3:45 we finished work for the day and returned to the lodge. 

    After a short rest period and a dinner of pork chops, salad and rice, we went back to the church and building we worked in for a youth service for the evening. Our 21 added significantly to their 12. Tiffany, the trip organizer, played music and spoke.  

    We came home after the service and had a group shard time, and then went to bed about 11. 

    The weather is unique here. It is sunny for a while, and then it rains.  It always looks like its on the verge of raining, even when it is sunny. But I remind myself that we are in the Caribbean.

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