• To Puerto Rico: Day 1

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    Today was a drive day, Albuquerque to Denver. We left around 9:30 and got here around 5. We made one stop in Raton.

    The weird thing is this morning, picking up a backpack, I felt a tinge of pain behind my left shoulder blade. When we got to Raton, when I got out of the truck, my back hurt and my lower abdomen felt like collapsing if I bent forward or took a deeper breath. By the time late afternoon rolled around, I was nervous about the fact I would be doing construction work.

    We got to our cousin Jeremy and his wife Amy’s place, had a nice dinner with their family, and then we went out and took a long walk in their neighborhood, enjoying a sunset. After a brownie break and some American Idol and a trip to Walmart, we’re hitting the sack.

    It was a good evening.

    My back? My bro told me to take an Excederin Migraine, and he kneaded it. Killed it.

    It’s 10. We get up around 3 to get to the airport.

    I thank God for what lies ahead. We’ll see.




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