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    Today the Cubs lost the final game of their series this week with the San Francisco Giants. They lost two out of three to the not-so-good Giants this week. They lost two-out-of-three to the NL East leading Washington Nationals. Their hottest bat, NL Player of the Week Willson Contrares, pulled a hamstring today running to first. I am feeling like this team is close to done. And here comes St. Louis.

    I woke up to the boy cat barfing several times on the carpet in the living room this morning. He’s been doing that the last few days. I know he doesn’t feel great, but he is still warm and head rams me when I go by him walking. The carpet in the house is already bad. What’s more cat barf. Still, I don’t want him to be sick.

    When I come home at night, I always think I have a fair amount of time to right, but I usually, I rarely use it, to a large extent, because the house is hot and dirty. Besides clutter, the floors are dirty. The kitchen is always littered with clean and dirty dishes. The bathroom is dirty. The writing table is covered with miscellaneous books and papers and items. Cat hair coats everything. I can never get ahead on having a home that I feel I can really just come home to and work within. That frustrates me to no end. But I am not good at cleaning- and although that is true, I try and do it off and on, but can never stay up with it. But I’d like a home in which I can work.

    And another part of making that happen is if I could knock a few items off of “the list”. I started a list of things I need to take care of in my life because I could not track them all in my head. This morning I added “Fix the ice maker” to it, which is a big deal because, without air conditioning (another item on the list), I drink a lot of water that I like cold. When I got back from running around this weekend, the ice maker bin was nearly empty, and of the handfuls of cubes that made it into the bin, they were all smaller than normal. Water is not getting to the ice maker, which suggests water is not getting to the refrigerator, which suggests I need to really deal with the water filtration system connected to the kitchen faucet because the water going to the fridge is tied to that, and the filtration system has not been used since I moved into the house. Anyways, fixing the icemaker is just one of about 10 items on the list that relate to home improvements which, if done, would make my life at home more enjoyable and more productive. I am not wholly sure how to get help dealing with many of the things on the list. Maybe I just beg on Facebook.

    I boiled a dozen and a half eggs tonight for breakfasts the next week or so.

    I think a lot of late about just selling everything I have, except sentimental items. Cut off all my non-essentials, sell all the cluttery junk around me I don’t need, and raise cash to just kill a few items from the list. I don’t do it largely because I am lazy.

    But maybe I should.

    Wednesday, August 9th, 2017- thanks for stopping by.

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