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    It was surprising to hop on my phone last night and discover that in this year’s Super Bowl, the underdog team with the backup quarterback pulled out the win. I was happy, if only because that meant New England lost. At one time I had no problem with the Patriots being a winning team, but somewhere along the way, they began to feel to me like the Yankees in baseball- expected to win, bloated in their excellence, and somewhat deva-fied, as if championships are just supposed to naturally find them. Philadelphia won, and I hear it was a great game, a back and forth push for the final outcome.

    Phily, I am happy for you.

    I am also happy because, with the NFL season officially over now, baseball is around the corner.

    In a week, major league pitchers and catchers will report to their spring training homes, followed by the position players five days later.

    And in eleven days, the UNM baseball team will begin its season at a four game tourney in Arizona, paying two of those games against Oregon State, ranked second to fifth in the country in collegiate preseason polls. UNM not only gets two games against Oregon State, but also three games against top-10 squad Texas Tech, a game against #24 Houston, and games against some other quality non-conference teams like Arizona, Central Michigan, Gonzaga, and Grand Canyon U.

    Whenever baseball starts, for me it’s like summer has been advanced by three months or so, even if a visit to the college ballpark leaves you freezing on your drive home. Baseball’s return, for me, brings summer back in my heart, at least.

    Thank you, baseball.

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