• Sickish Day

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    I don’t have a lot to say today. The day started fine and I was enthusiastic about completing some other projects, and then after lunch I took my scheduled antibiotic- and I’ve felt nauseous, loopy and achy ever since. My writing hopes for the day were flushed as I tried to nap about three times this afternoon, and never felt settled down each time to doze off. I guess the tasks will have to wait.

    Not sure if they were sympathy actions, but the little girl cat puked three times in succession for me. Thanks, hairball. I may well be next.

    Bonnie sent me a link to a TEDTalk by Ann Lamott that was a really good watch this morning. I’ll leave it here for you.


    It’s 8 PM. Pretty sure I will not be up still at 9.

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