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    The last few nights I have tried to use some time after work to try and understand how to take a twilight photograph when the camera is in manual mode.

    Monday evening’s efforts were very crude because I basically dove into the activity pretty uninformed- and when I really wanted to get a nice, clear photo of the moon in clouds, I was at an absolute loss. Monday’s super moon climbing out from behind the Sandias and into a lattice of clouds provoked a strong desire to know how to be able to get THOSE pics.



    I couldn’t get images like I hoped to then, but once I was settled in at home, I looked up some guidance on Google and then went out onto the ball court by my house and sat up the tripod to take some moon pics.

    The Super Lunar.

    The Super Lunar.

    After work today, I went out onto the parking garage by the office to try again at a twilight pic or two, this time armed with a little guidance as well. I got a few nice sundown shots I was happy with.



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