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    Without anything greater happening in my life today (except for catching a glimpse of the morning sunrise standing in the middle of my street in a jacket, green checkered pajama pants, slippers, and glasses, and having my neighbor ask me why I was taking pictures of her house until she realized it was me), I’ll just share that I came across this article that made me chuckle out loud at work- several times.

    And cheers to you, Firefox, because when I opened a new browser window this morning, the newer version of te app offers you articles to check out from varying sites.

    With a title like “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Self-Improvement”, the link was bound to catch my eye, and I am glad I visited it. It turns out the article’s author, Tim Dowling, is hilarious. Dowling is an American who somehow ended up in London (because of a girl) and today writes a column for The Guardian.

    Anyways, I’ll let you be the judge of the articles hilarity if you like: click here.

    I found Dowling so funny I went to Amazon to see if he written any books- and he had. It turns out the library downtown here had a copy of one of his most popular titles, “How to be a Husband”, which I picked up at lunch. It turns out, in this book, he is largely trying to teach how to be husband through a litany of examples from his life on how to avoid being a bad husband. He’s a funny, dry guy.

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